Full Body Waxing

At Alvarado we are fully committed to providing a professional, convenient and safe waxing experience. Our waxing expert, Kayleigh, uses both soft and hard waxes tailored to one’s skin and hair type as well as the area being waxed. Whether you choose just your eye brows or your entire body let our highly qualified staff provide an excellent waxing experience for you!

Now offering Soft and Hard Wax:

Women’s Services: Eyebrow, Lip, Chin, Full Face, Nose, Underarm, Lower Arm, Upper Arm, Full Arm, Stomach, Lower Back, Full Back, Lower Leg, Upper Leg, Full Leg, Bikini, French Bikini, Brazilian, Maternity Brazilian, Butt Cheeks, Inner Cheeks, Full Body

Mens Services: Eyebrow, Unibrow, Ear, Nose, Cheek, Bikini, Brazilian, Neck and Shoulder, Underarm, Upper Arm, Full Arm, Chest and Stomach, Lower Leg, Upper Leg, Full Leg, Butt, Cheeks, Full Back and Full Body