As part of the natural aging process, the volume in the hands deteriorates with time, making the hands appear aged. As a result, bones, tendons, and veins may become more visible. 

Welcome Lyft!!!

As part of the Restylane family of fillers, Lyft is the first and only HA injectable filler approved by the FDA to reverse the volume loss from aging in hands. Patients who have achieved more volume and definition in their cheeks and a more youthful appearance are now discovering how to complete their look with Lyft. 

We have some incredible modalities that address our patients concerns, such as peels to resurface the skin on the hands, creating a smoother surface and addressing sun damage  and age spots. And now we can revolumize too! 

At Alvarado Institute of Skin Care, we have achieved amazing results with Lyft in just 1 visit!!! This patient pictured below, is 68 years old. She wanted to revolumize first, and this picture is after her first treatment!!! Remarkable change! Wait until we begin the process of correcting her pigmentation! She is one happy woman. 🙂 

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