Non-surgical Facelift

Lift and tighten with a non-surgical face lift. The 100% absorbable threads provide long-lasting collagen stimulation. Created from an absorbable polymer that is flexible and durable for minimally invasive thread lifts, results can last up to 1-2 years.* Working synergistically with Botox and fillers, the threads reposition tissues and lift sagging skin.

• Instant results
• Can last up to 1-2 years
• Lift the eyes, cheeks, neck and jawline
• Only takes 15-30 minutes

"I had high expectations for the threads and they did not disappoint. With some very temporary minor discomfort during the procedure, I feel like I have “cheated” gravity. I would do it again without hesitation and cannot wait to get my neck done."

"I had the Alvarado Lower Face Lift and I am loving the results. The treatment was mildly uncomfortable and my face was tender for several days but I can see my jawline looking better every day. Just 6 days post-treatment and the bruising and swelling is nearly gone. Can’t wait to see how youthful my jawline looks once I’m completely healed!"

"I love my PDO threads!!! Having deep set eyes has always been something I’ve been self conscious about... I knew I would end up doing something to my eyes to lift & tighten the genetic drooping that was inevitable for me. Being in the esthetic industry for 17 years I’ve received many different treatments & I can say in all confidence that the Alvarado Upper Face Lift has completely changed the way I look at myself! I feel confident & less tired looking & know that this was such an amazing choice for me. I am so excited to see the results get better over the next few months."

*Results vary.
**GFE required.